BippityBop2 & +

(Ages 5 to 6; K - 1st grade)

  • Especially for kindergarten and first graders.
  • Similar to BippityBop1, but more time spent on each activity.
  • BippityBop+ is a continuing class for First Graders who have already taken BippityBop2 and takes them further toward readiness for ballet and jazz classes the next year.
  • Increased complexity of skills and instructions.
  • Ballet terms are used, but we also continue with creative movement and some jazz. 
  • We continue to build on their natural love of dance with fun and active classes, but do not underestimate their ability to learn real skills.
  • We challenge them with learning series of instructions, working together, hearing music and rhythms, and all sorts of body and special awareness skills; all while having lots of fun! 
  • BippityBop 2 students may also audition for our Nutcracker for Kids.
  • DRESS CODE:  Same as for BippityBop1.


 (ages 3 to 5; pre-K)

  • Especially designed for Pre-K, ages 3 to 5.
  • A fun and imaginative introduction to the world of dance, not just learning dance steps. 
  • Includes creative movement, imagination (pretend costumes, pretend makeup, pretend props, etc.), pantomime, body awareness, spatial awareness, familiar songs and music as well as introduction to classical musical and learning about story ballets.
  • Classes challenge the children and let them feel like real ballerinas, but always in fun and age appropriate ways.
  • Girls:  any solid color leotard (no skirts or bling!), light pink or white tights, light pink or white ballet slippers
  • Hair in a bun or pony tail.
  • Boys:  solid color t-shirt, solid color bike shorts or gym shorts, white socks, white ballet slippers


Ages 3 to 6

challenging fun with dance

Stand still? Of course not!  Want to learn?  Of course!

Children from 3 to 6 love to learn, but please do not expect them to stand still for very long!  Our programs, developed by director Roberta Humphrey, whose graduate degree focused on child development, introduces young students to the world of dance in a fun and challenging, 45 minute class once a week.  Skills are age appropriate and allow each student to progress at their own pace.  Activities move quickly from one thing to the next to keep the children engaged.  Lots of creativity and imagination are incorporated to build on children's natural love of movement.  Only the most educated and qualified professionals teach here and follow the syllabus created by the director. This age group has a separate recital performance just for them!  It is less than an hour long and they are part of a story ballet the entire time. 


Please buy real ballet slippers at a dancewear store like Ms. Dancewear.  We do not allow 'imitation' ballet slippers as they do not work on their feet.


Separate for ages 3 to 6

  • Recital costume is included in our tuition fee.
  • We have a separate show for our BippityBop classes.
  • Consists of their own story ballet
  • Show lasts less than one hour. 
  • They are either onstage posing, dancing, or backstage getting ready to come on again the entire time so there is no waiting around! 
  • It is so unfair to keep this age group backstage for hours; for our show they arrive, line up, dance, and are picked up in a little over an hour total and everyone is happy. 
  • Each class has at least 2 of our older students (their own 'big girls') with them at all times so family can just enjoy the show.

* Sharing the magic and joy of ballet and all dance for 20 years!*   

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